Lots of FUN!  You are taking time out of your busy schedule to document an important and special milestone in your life, whether it’s the impending arrival of a sweet baby, the decision to marry the love of your life, or just a moment to capture your beautiful family enjoying each other’s company.  Together, we are going to celebrate that!  My style of photography is neither stuffy nor posed.  I love shooting moments when people are just being themselves.  Some of my favorite pictures are the “non-smiley” ones where a person’s authentic personality shines through. But don’t worry – I am not going to leave you hanging during a session with no guidance at all.  I pride myself on giving enough direction so that clients feel comfortable and relaxed and end up just being themselves; these are the moments I aim to capture!  One of the best things I love to hear after a session is a client who is surprised to find themselves saying, “That was so much fun!  I had a great time!”  Words like that are music to my ears and I strive for each session to be like that for my clients.



This is probably the number one question I get when planning a session with clients.  My answer is to always wear something you are comfortable in that makes you look and feel your best!  When you feel good, it will show in the pictures.  With that said, I do have a few pieces of advice:

  • Matching clothes (example- everyone in jeans and a white shirt) isn’t visually that interesting.  Rather than matching, try to complement each other with colors and styles that work well together.
  • Stripes, polka dots, and patterns look great in pictures, but just stick to a couple – too many can be distracting for the eye.
  • Ladies – accessories are wonderful to add to any picture!  A necklace, hairclip, or great pair of earrings can add an extra pop of color and fun to any photo.
  • No need to reinvent the wheel!  What I mean by this is that if you feel lacking in the style department, you don’t need to fret – just look to outside sources for ideas and inspiration!  Magazines and the internet are chock full of great ideas for ways to dress and style yourself.  I love to tell clients who struggle with clothing choices to make Pinterest their new best friend – find looks you love and try to imitate the colors, style, and clothing.
  • Finally, I allow up to two outfits for each photo session.  So if you have two looks you want to achieve, then let’s make it happen!  You can have a casual outfit (jeans and cute top), and then a more special outfit (sundress and stylish shoes) all in one photo shoot.  My goal is to make my clients happy; whatever idea you have in your head, I hope to bring to make a reality in your photos!

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