Lots of FUN!  You are taking time out of you busy schedule to document an important and special milestone in your life, whether it’s the impending arrival of a sweet baby, the decision to marry the love of your life, or just a moment to capture your beautiful family having fun with each other.  Together, we are going to celebrate that!  My style of photography is neither stuffy nor posed.  I love shooting moments when people are just being themselves.  Some of my favorite pictures are the “non-smiley” ones where a person’s authentic personality shines through. But don’t worry – I am not going to leave you hanging during a session with no guidance at all.  I pride myself on giving enough direction so that clients feel comfortable and relaxed, and in the end up they just being themselves; these are the moments I live for and capture on film!  One of the best things I love to hear after a session is a client who is surprised to find themselves saying, “That was so much fun!  I had a great time!”  Words like that are music to my ears and I strive for each session to be like that for my clients.

Trying out new fonts.


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